Bold Enough?

I need a ‘new space’, a ‘new thinking’, a ‘new movement’, and a lots of ‘new’ to overcome this foul, stinking, aggressive, illogical, censored, and oppressive social environment.

Being a physician and interacting with scores of patients on a daily basis have given me a purpose to indulge and challenge the prevailing social norms as effectively as possible.

Our forefathers had sacrificed a lot to make available to us such valuable attributes as ‘freedom of speech,’ ‘freedom of expression’, ‘freedom to choose’, ‘freedom to offend’, ‘freedom to think & express’, and lots more. And what have we done to preserve those attributes? Nothing!

This is my endeavour to explore the unknown, to create new friends willing to uphold those ‘secular’, ‘liberal ‘, and ‘progressive’ values, not in the sense these terminologies are abused by pseudo-seculars and pseudo-liberals, but in conformation with their true definitions.

its time to reclaim lost ground and create an environment we were supposed to protect and expand, and not ignore.

Am I bold enough to challenge the prevailing systems? Only time will tell along with the social support that I am expecting to gather in due course.

Published by samitghosal

I am a consultant endocrinologist practising in Nightingale Hospital Kolkata, India. My recent interests includes 1. Experience in data science, 2. Quantum reality, 3. Delivery of online diabetes courses, 4. Challenging the present polarised environment especially the hypocrites masquerading as liberals.

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