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Blatant Violation of Evidence-based Medicine: Ignorance or Corruption or both?

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic have unmasked a widespread violation of the ideals of medical practice. The violation has been observed in all fronts – accumulation of data, interpretation of data, drug approval by regulatory authorities and most unfortunately from the healthcare institutions and medical professionals. To make things worse we have seen overt politicization of medicine…

Bold Enough?

I need a ‘new space’, a ‘new thinking’, a ‘new movement’, and a lots of ‘new’ to overcome this foul, stinking, aggressive, illogical, censored, and oppressive social environment. Being a physician and interacting with scores of patients on a daily basis have given me a purpose to indulge and challenge the prevailing social norms as…

How difficult is it to call “a spade” – “a spade”?

A very common discussion topic in most social circuits is related to one’s ideological position. “Are you left oriented?”; “Are you a conservative?”. Most of the time the questions take a binary form, reflective of the sharp polarizations prevalent in most groups today. I think there are a couple of more positions worth considering during…

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